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The Man of the man is this Man
The man’s totality is the passion the Man beholds
All man’s existence is the Man’s norm
The beginning was the idea of the Man
The idea of the ideal is the Man’s
No man exists without the Man
The Man’s all, is the man’s pointer of direction
Showing away from the tempter
who swerves the thistles of living
Always to the direction of life
Because of the Man of the man

The man Job was his
The man pointed a smell in the nose
The man Job refused a pause
But he continued on the pure course of this Man’s pointer
In all the loss
He became the man of the source of hope
Amidst miserable crisscross
Job a man of this Man of the cross
Beheld in his hands the reward for remaining on toes
Of the pointer of this Man

You ought to meet this Man
Saul met him and became Paul
An icon of a terrible metamorphosis
From nowhere to somewhere
Paul was in an iconic brand of hope of change
That you can nip from this Man

Faith is a wonderful barrier from blameworthy
Ask Abraham what this Man had for him
You will notice stars of blessings will never be late
You only require acquiring this Man’s way
And your blessings become a multiple stars
Of faith in the universe

Daniel will tell you that trust in this Man
Is the blue print of visions in life
Amidst all the affirmative odds
The Man will subdue for you
You are promised safety in a chaotic fire of lions
Like Daniel, an emblem of trustees
For heavenly vision from this Man

Solomon suffocated in wisdom of this Man
And he succeeded from His fear

Elijah a man in power prayed and
You can be sure, this Man heard him

David the filthiest was the most
With a broken spirit
This attracted pardon from this Man
You need this Man too.

The harlot in full sigh

Recaps her Hope into the coveted kingdom for knowing this man

Joseph’s integrity was the prison for his life for this Man
And all was the fruits of glory for nourishment
You need this Man

Stephen’s pompous hope
Was realigned with stones that made him swim
In heaven of the Man

Nathans brevity of fearlessness
To call a big spoon a spade
Pointed David’s camouflaged pride to humble pieces

Esther the unkown became the queen
For meekness to this Man

Noah remains floating safely
For perfect obedience to this Man

Matthew was a thief and he met this Man
Just to share with us the story as personal experience

Nehemiah is no joke
From a mere cupbearer to a patient vision implementer
Succeeded in the dream of the Man I am telling about.

You can never know how to wrestle
Until you see Jacob’s fruitful strain in the night with this Man

The thief on the cross saves nine
Since it is never too late for a stitch for this Man

What are you waiting?

To hear of Samson’s crave for beauty?
This would have outdone him later
If only he would have refused this Man’s pointing of mercy

You can in your bonded cocoon of pain call this Man

And Judas, Lot’s wife and the Devil
Are such stale copies
Do not use them as a replica of the correct one,
All are by-gone for them

And Judas, Lot’s wife and the Devil
Are such stale copies
Do not use them as a replica of the correct one,
All are by-gone for them

The outright breathe of air
Is all fetched from the river of life
That Mary in her purity
Bore a man who was this Man
That Mary the harlot drunk and turned to a new life of hope
Because He was God with us
Let us be with this Man.

By Alfred Obado The Poet ©™ 2022


end and begin

The end of a seed starts a seedling to be
Ever noticed that a seed must rot first
for a new plant to germinate?

A pregnancy ends to begin a life of a life
What if the expectancy remained never to end?
Who would be writing this poem?
Nor read them?

When I die, all begins a life of without
My absence creates a new norm
Since my being ended before dawn
The knowledge of a phenomenon
Marks the end of its ignorance
And it is the beginning of a discovery
Like a toddler into teenage
And a teenager into adulthood
All levels of life must begin when one ends
Youngness into old age
Those in love into those out of love.

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Love ends when hate begins
Crying ends when laughter begins
Sleep ends when it dawns in the eyes
Sinfulness begins when righteousness ends
A clean heart begins when you crush the dirt
An old cloth is thrown when a new one comes

An old car is old when a new one is new
You begin a new life when an old one ends
You hurt your heart when you are cut in pieces
And begin again in portion to collect all the pieces
To mould a mended hurty life
But I ask
Does a fish start a life at the end of water?
Or when not in water?

Does a pull of water of love collect up
When it’s poured out and spills?
The normal that is new brings a new life
Yes, that it disects its newness to let you crush
Especially when you think you are in love ocean

Do not stand for long in the new life
You will grow tall and exceed the breadth of life there
End it to begin a new life like an eagle
Because life begins when it ends
and change is as good as a rest
Which you thought you were living
Instead you begin seeing all wrong
Hoping to get all right
Because you think and see but it stinks
All you thought is not what it is
Just begin a new life
because life begins when it ends.

End it to begin a new life like an eagle!

Life begins when it ends
You end what you don’t know
By beginning to know what you now know
For the life Giver
had to end His life to begin a new life
To those who lived old lives of rot
To begin a clean straight path
Because life begins when it ends

End a life and begin a life in a knot
And you will live living a new life
With hope in all the ends
Of hopefullness without drought
It is the ticking of the clock of life
With ends and beginnings
And beginnings and ends
Round and round the clock ticks
In beginnings and endings
Breaking the dormancy
And germinating the newness
as the clock clicks and ticks
To bring progress to life
Since life begins when it ends with the right click
The perfect click of the clock life of a beginning.

By Alfred Obado, The poet ©2022.

our tears

It pains to have pain paining
But it quenches a heart in believing
That God is the creator.

It is a big loss not to know
That God is the Alpha and Omega
He is a sure comforter
Even in pain such as of death!
A refuge in times of trouble
Psalm nine nine tables

Troubling life cracking our souls
Like Jesus would utter
He said it and it is a true matter
And we ought to prepare
How you and me shall rest
Before we hear the trumpet
For God of the valley
Is the same God of the mountain
The God of all times
With a peace beyond our understanding

The wages of sin is death
And Christ paid it all
While we were yet sinners
Jesus died for our crude scenes
The scenarios we hide in the dark
Forgetting that God said
Let there be light
And there was light
May burry us for hell

If we accept this only offer of faith
Then all we wait is the resurrection
That we shall happily meet all that left us
This pain indeed will be redeemed
Through our righteous death, or else..?

We mourn those we loose
We pray for an enduring peace
For the family and friends
Christ is equally pained as we are..
His painful bruises is a hope for peace
In the blood shower He poured on the cross
It was and still is a sure vaccine
For our filthy unseen virol scenes

All shall be peace a curring peace
And quietness forever
The prophet Isaiah
In thirty two verse seventeen
Is all the hope
I wish for us all
As we journey on…
In doing good
It is an unforgettable mark
When our tears shall be wiped
In Jesus name I pray.

Alfred Obado the Poet



The night is long

It moves without

With no dawning

But only splashes of darkness

without light

The heart cracks

When it is dark

And it is dark

When see you not

With no light of a sound

It comes sickness

In your stillness

Like water

That run deep

Uprooting the light of longingness

And thirsty craves for the light

Meditation will dig me


   dark and light

   smiles and smites

   love and reality

   of the dark night light

   Will I see in this light of grave?

The weight of death is loud

Too loud with a thud

Louder than voices of life

Life is company

Loneliness is stings of sweet poison

Unsubdiuing the reality of peace

And the Creator sobs

Companionship disappears

When no air blows in both directions

The sweet aroma disappears

When the joyful breeze flys out

Leaving a soul all within without

Clinging on a broken rail

Sobbing daily for every second

Glaring and staring at the gadget

Wishing for something in the posta

Which has become an extinct species

The soul’s sobs are almost filling the cup

Stoping should not become a true dream

Will it come true? No!

The rhythms devastates arkwardly

The melodies created are irregular

So much to be unsung

Even with the most gifted..

It is complecated

The creator watches

Could he watch me?

How it could be

That it dawns on me

That I talk

And I hear you

Say you do

And the creator is my light.

©2022 By Alfred the Poet


You have it again
The many anniversaries
Unpacks God’s blessings
You have gained to tell

We have all witnessed
Like birds in their nests
Always being fed
By the Almighty God
To see another page

This love is magnificent
For all around you to see
Like it were a whole sea
Packed with smiles
Smeared for the long miles
With those treasured wishes

Just live long and longest
And your fruits will be strongest
They will grow you healthy
Till Christ’s trumpet’s blow
To make you a victor
At the close of the chapter
To see the golden gate!

It’s a gain again
All we have for you
Are worthwhile wishes
To put you up and top
For all you live with
And all who know you
It is a celebration!

© Alfred’s Production 2022


It’s that season again

All my love

Is my poem to you

God had to create you

To testify that He is worth

In your manifestations

All have driven me crazy

Crazy to 

Write this poem 

Spare a space in me for you

Create all romance for you

You are a star in darkness 

You are a drop of water in a desert of my life

You are solution to a problem in me

You quench my love thirst

I had never believed

To have a love to be lived

That now I feel within me

I saw the small you grow

Then my eyes hinted a blow

A blow to quieten me

That the hour had not reached.

You have proved it bountifully

All I feel can’t be doubtful

It is worthwhile 

Having you 

Needs permanency

Having you  

Requires my whole future

Having you

Has seemed like it’s all my life

And having you 

Supersedes sweetness of honey 

You are a wonderful creature

My world has ever had

It’s a wonder I want you..

You are my whole

You are my question’s answers

You are my car’s steering

You are my sweet heart

You are my thoughts reliever

It’s an endless list…

You are;

My love, my choice 

For my life and my children

Ever stuck to you 

Never to let you go..

Unless you die…but 

Long live you my darling..

You have my life’s thirst..

For God’s worthiness

And whoever finds a wife

A good thing you have for life

With favours from God without strife

All my love is this poem

A heart’s joy in God’s creation.

You Can Have


You can have what you will       

And move round like a wheel

In all your daring tapes

All you should do is to step

And tap what your spirit has put

Inside your walking boot

Now that you have strived to own

Indeed the Almighty has it that you don’t mourn

He has promised to be there endlessly

He cares that you hold on not aimlessly

Even if the world cheats                                               

He will reward you well in bits

Keep in mind splendidly like Job

You will acquire wisdom for your job

Invest your treasure for heavens sake

To run like you were a thousand days earlier set

Great is Gods faithfulness

That you should fit in His comeliness

Like a cub under the lioness care

Away from all the snare

The day will come if you wish

When you will have what you will

And lick all the honey of blessings

Like a babe-in-arms without pressings

You can have what you will.

By Alfred Obado



It’s an amazing fear

That I keep staring

As I stand at the stares

The world around

Is full of molds

And lots of stings

That pretends to sing

To let you dance

And cheat you to balance

As you stand at a glance

They make you emaciate

For nothing’s sake

They make you dance to the music

For no good tune

They make you listen

For empty promises

They make you wait

To forever hide in their mansions

Swimming in their borrowed ocean water

Effected by poor owners mark

Who thought was sowing a future life’s seed

By lending the ocean water on a chilly morning queue

Instead that is the beginning of emaciation

As one is consoled by bitter sweet stings

And the molds too in plenty to block a foresight

In the next five solid days fight

With no rent paid to the owner for the effort

But the bellies ballooning

And the owner straining

Singing all songs of bitterness

And no one hears the songs

Now the owner vanishes in emaciation

And the ballooned appears in mighty yells of glory

The glory that pretends to sing songs of heaven

Yet prepare you for hell

And make you sublime to clear

For you never know

Until you know 

By Alfred Obado